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It was a mess. If he didn't know any better the blond standing in the doorway would have thought the place had been ransacked by burglars looking for some kind of valuables. Of course the most they'd find was a battered skateboard –which had been put through years of torture since its owner was 7- and a DSi hidden somewhere in the dump of a room (but that was all beyond the point).

Luckily for him this blond did know better and understood that the cause of the forest of papers littering the floor (and he meant forest in a literal sense because the mountain of paper could only have such an equivalent) and upturned drawers of oil pastels and paints was still scurrying around the room digging through drawers like a schizophrenic mole on crack.

It was –of course- our blond observer's twin brother, frantic, and panicking, and oblivious to everything around himself until the blond cleared his throat over the quietly playing Two Door Cinema Club CD in the background. The noise took the spiky haired brunet's attention with a start and after hitting his head off the desk draw above the one his face was currently buried in he turned frantic blue eyes to his brother –pain in his head forgotten- and stood up abruptly, shuffling over to his blond counterpart clad in paint splattered jeans and a rainbow tie-dye t-shirt and grabbed his brother's shoulders desperately.

"Roxas!" he said just as urgently, "have you seen my paintbrush?"

To Roxas the question was almost comical. He knew his brother wouldn't see the humour in it, but seeing the brunet close to hysterics, paint and 2B pencil smudged across his face with dishevelled hair and a sliver of silver painted wood sticking out through one particular spike of hair behind his ear made Roxas want to double over in jovial fits of amused laughter. But his brother wouldn't see the humour in it at all and would likely pummel the blonde's face in for laughing. So –keeping his amusement to himself- Roxas plucked the silver paintbrush from its spiky, chocolate brown perch with an "um, Sora," and held the stick up in his brother's peripheral vision where Sora could have sworn the brush was cackling at him.

The brunet glared at the paintbrush for a few seconds before he let out a long breath –of both annoyance and relief- and snatched the brush from Roxas' hand with only a look as if his brother was his saviour and a roll of his eyes at his own stupidity before returning to the easel set up slap bang in the middle of the twin's shared space.

All Roxas could do was roll his own eyes at his frantic brother as the next track from the CD player faded in and the blond closed the bedroom door to meander over to his bed, flopping down on the mattress to study his brother, tongue poised on his lip in concentration while his head lolled from side to side to see his painting from every angle, as if it might suddenly materialise into a 3D flower in the middle of the room and present itself in all its finished glory. To Sora's disappointment it did no such thing and he frowned at it for the betrayal of hope, returning to rendering the background in frustration while his brother relaxed on the bed. 'Lucky him'.

As Roxas watched Sora's eyebrows continue to descend further and further over his eyes the blond sighed. Sora had been in this room for two weeks now pondering over painting after painting –which were all exceptionally good but never quite good enough for the brunet.

The end of his final college year was drawing closer by the minute but the more Sora painted the further he seemed to come from the result he actually wanted. His final piece would be exhibited in the college's gallery space along with the rest of his class and Sora had set himself the goal of nothing less than a personal masterpiece for said show piece. However his vision was going nowhere –much to the brunet's despair- and Roxas noticed that neither was his social life, something which had been happily active until just a few weeks ago, so the blond decided it was time to… intervene. After all, Roxas' own life was suffering under the weight of Sora's artistic pessimism and he couldn't stand to see his brother like this anymore.

"Sora," the blond started, receiving a grunt of a question from the brunet who was currently squeezing a tube of blue paint onto his pallet with his teeth. "You know you've been up here for two weeks right?" The blond twin questioned, stating the obvious only because Sora probably hadn't realised it yet.

Roxas received another grunt similar in sound to a replying 'so?' as a glob of yellow paint fell onto the pallet beside the blue and the blond sighed at his brother's lack of interest in the information.

"So," Roxas continued, "don't you think it's about time you went out and socialised with other people? Most of our friends have asked me if you're dead you've been in here so long."

Sora rolled his eyes at the extravagant excuse and Roxas frowned at him because he was actually telling the truth.

"You have to get out of this house," he stated matter-of-factly.

"No I don't," Sora finally replied after capping his tube and putting it on his easel. "I only have four weeks left to finish this project and I haven't even decided what to do for my final piece yet." The brunet was pouting now, willing his brain to unlock a secret doorway to the innermost depths of his mind and a glimpse of what his masterpiece should be for all of the effort he was putting into this. It wasn't going to happen. And Sora decided that if nothing else worked he was turning to religion.

"You can't just look for inspiration in the bedroom Sora, come outside for a change. Human contact will do you some good." The brunet still wasn't convinced and Roxas could tell, so he sighed at his brother.

"I don't have time Roxas," Sora grumbled, "you can't relate, English essays don't need this much work."

Sora was lucky Roxas was his brother and therefore didn't take any notice to the offence in that comment –because English essays do take a considerable amount of brain power, the likes of which Sora probably wouldn't comprehend- and instead just frowned at the brunet.

"Actually I have writer's block," Roxas stated curtly as he lifted himself from his bed having had enough of his brother's complaining. "That's why I'm going to Axel's open mic night tomorrow" he continued while making his way over to the bedroom door, "you should come too, maybe you'll find some inspiration," Roxas glanced back at his brother from the door but Sora was still ignoring him.

'There's a spanner in the works you know,
you gotta step up your game to make it to the top.
So go!'

With one final sigh the blond shut the door behind him and walked away from the room to leave Sora to contemplate the offer –which the brunet did. He didn't want to admit it but maybe Roxas was right, getting out might be the best thing for him.

'But I have so much to do,' Sora told himself, he really didn't have enough time to be lying about in a bar listening to music.

'But music's always been inspirational,' he then argued and sighed.

'Shut up conscience, you're not helping.' It was obviously going to be a long night and he'd already lost interest in the painting.


Having said his piece to his brother Roxas decided to retreat to the living room and more reasonable company -some which didn't think the world and its art were out to get them- but before he could get far his phone began to ring and he answered it to a familiar redhead. "Hey."

"Did you convince him?" the redhead asked and Roxas could have laughed, he'd literally just stopped talking to Sora and here Axel was, calling straight after as if he'd known the blond had just spoken to his brother.

"It doesn't take a lot to convince Sora," he answered, distracting himself by drawing patterns in the dust on the hall table while he spoke. "As much as he'd like to think otherwise."

"That's why you're the man Roxy, looks like studying all that English is paying off," the blond could hear the smirk in Axel's voice and rolled his eyes.

"I'm not doing politics Axel, I just know Sora too well." Axel laughed.

"Still too clever for your own good," Axel replied making Roxas blush. "Well I better go; I'll talk to you later."

The blond debated asking the redhead to hang out but the idea of bothering his older brother was just too tempting. "Yeah, see you tomorrow," and the blond ended the call, continuing on his journey down the stairs and into the sitting room where he found his older brother lounging on the sofa flicking through music channels and creating some sort of deranged medley in the process. Roxas sighed; he'd said reasonable company, right? He must have been out of his mind.

With a grunt the blond dropped himself onto the chair beside the sofa and nabbed the remote out of his brother's hand -without the boy noticing until it was gone- and he frowned at the younger blond. "Don't you have friends you can bother?" the elder complained and Roxas shrugged in response.

"Get a job and you wouldn't be so bored," Roxas shot back with a smirk as the other male continued to scowl, opening his mouth to retaliate but Roxas interrupted him first. "Being a university student doesn't count as 'work', Cloud."

Said blonde's mouth shut with a click of teeth and Cloud then retaliated by snatching the remote back and continuing his medley as Roxas wondered why he'd even bothered gracing his brother with his presence if he was going to be so boring.

"What's Sora doing anyway? He's not still moping is he?" Cloud asked and Roxas nodded. Sora locking himself in his and his brother's room and painting random objects was the brunet's equivalent.

"He said he won't come to the show tomorrow but he will. The ideas in his head now and I think even he knows he needs to take a break." Roxas answered and Cloud gave a nod of acknowledgement.

With his own sigh of dejection at the unforgiving music channels Cloud switched the input and sent a cunning grin Roxas' way. "Mortal Kombat?" he asked, waving an Xbox controller at the younger blond who stopped contemplating visiting his redhead best friend (for the second time that day) and returned the older blonde's challenge, taking up the controller with zeal as the game started up.
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Ok so I'm just going to bite the bullet and start uploading this. It's not finished yet, I still have another chapter to write but I have 7 so far and I'm going to try to upload a chapter a day for the next week.

This story is completely dedicated and written for my lovely, wonderful friend :iconfallenangel131: it's a long overdue birthday present and I think it's about time she was given it.

Enjoy everyone!

Disclaimer: If I owned Kingdom Hearts I'd give Cydney a character of her choosing to keep as a pet. But alas I own nothing but the story... and the lyrics belong to Two Door Cinema Club. If you want to hear the song it's taken from you can find it here -->[link]
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Thank you :aww: I try not to just 'tell' the reader something I want everyone to be as involved as possible when they read so they can see everything themselves. :love:
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I love it! already I love it! Thank you, thank you thank you! :tighthug:
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